We need to help Mariah Carey!

UPDATE: PLEASE SEE POST LINK ABOVE: “My Apologies to Mariah and all her fans.”

mariah obsessedMariah Carey’s new single, Obsessed, has just fallen from number 11 to number 20 in only its second week. This looks to be the biggest flop for Mariah since “Loverboy,” which we lambs made a hit by gathering together and buying several copies. We can do the same for “Obsessed.”

I am asking you to make a donation to (7/27/09 update: no longer taking donations) I will spend my time buying several copies of the single. I have already collected $80 from one fan. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, we are setting Saturday as “Obsessed” download day. Please download at least five copies! By the remixes! Mariah needs our help!


17 Responses to “We need to help Mariah Carey!”

  1. aret Says:

    I just donated $50. I think this is a good thing.

  2. strawberry lamb Says:

    I donated $30. But today is “Obsessed” download day so I’m downloading five copies as well.

  3. Whitneysucks Says:

    Don’t have much money because I just lost my job. I donated $10.

  4. suziecutie Says:

    check your paypal: $80

  5. todairules Says:

    You guy are crazy. Mariah doesnt’ need your money. Donate it to homeless people or something.

    • kennybaby Says:

      todairules is correct. U guys need to give your money to people who ready need it. Don’t get me wrong I love Mariah, I think that she is a great singer, but she has enough dough!

  6. wtf Says:

    Seriously. U guys are donating all this money, to mariah carey. WTF?? She’s already rich…& ur going broke to support someone who doesn’t need it for 1, and for 2, doesn’t know U, never will , & I bet she wuldnt do the same for u . Lmao! People have lost their damn minds! Donate to CHARITY. That’s a good start.

  7. LambDahling Says:

    I donated $200. She’s so going to #1 now 😀

    • Mike Says:

      OMG, desparation is such an ugly scent…
      Some things never change, Mariah has to BUY her #1’s.
      If it’s not Payola, it’s her sacrificial lambs buying it for her.
      How about doing it with talent???

  8. Hello There, Says:

    You Poor Lambs.

    Mariah FLOPPED.
    So, Deal.

  9. Maegan Says:

    Uhm yeah seriosuly i like mariah alot shes very talenteed but there are so many other people that can be helped and saved in our oworld if your gonna spend your money on help8ng people spend it on people who need it mariah carey is rvery wealthy..she doesnt need your money just because not everyone in the world thinks obsessed is the best song ever made.

  10. Renesndy Says:

    Hold off the downloads until the song is in high rotation at top 40 radio.

    Once it gets heavy play, the song will climb back on the billboard chart, so don’t call it a flop just yet.

  11. lacherti Says:

    I love you Mariah, but you make more $ sleeping for an hour than I will ever see in my whole life.

  12. Anonymouse Says:

    You people are fucking idiots.

  13. WhitneyIsaCrackHo Says:

    MAriah is on FIYAH!!!!!!!!!! Whitney fans are trying to bog us lambs down. These new Whitney songs don’t even compare to a half-naked cracked karaoke bar singer’s voice not to mention a studio recording artist! Get your facts together!!!

    Mariah’s Obsessed will be just fine. People want to hear fun songs. Cheap dry vocals from Whitney baby you can keep!

  14. Shawn Says:

    You guys shouldn’t do this. Several websites and blogs are criticizing this desperate attempt at salvaging that single.

    In my opinion, although the song is quite catchy, peaking at #11 is already pretty for Mariah, since her 2005’s “It’s Like That” peaked at #16, but her next single “We Belong Together” peaked at #1 for 14 weeks. In a way, “Obsessed” peaking at #11 is quite a sign that her next single may very well be a hit.

    In any way, “Obsessed” should climb the charts once released and impacted pop radio stations on 27 July. Lambs ought to request stations to spin the single as much as possible!

  15. Mike Says:

    Seriously, you lambs need to get lives. So her single doesn’t get a top 10 ranking… WHO CARES???

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