My Apologies to Mariah and her fans

Once in awhile, somebody makes a terrible mistake and does something totally stupid. This weekend, I was the one who made that mistake and decided that the way to help Mariah’s new single was to collect donations. This was NOT approved by Mariah or Def Jam records.

After hearing from Mariah’s record company and her other fans, I have returned all Paypal donations. The fact that we made $178 in donations shows how dedicated Mariah’s fans are.  But lets use this money to help feed the homeless, to help keep up animal shelters, and other things. Mariah will definitely get a number one single with her upcoming hit single 100 Percent. Lets consider supporting her in all the correct ways possible.

Once again, I would like to express how sorry I am to Mariah Carey, Def Jam Records and anybody else I embarrassed.


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